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Yup, you read my mood right I'm enraged I'll put why I'm enraged under a cut(expect very bad words @_@)I doubt I'll even use that mood icon again since I tend to be a placid person.
Before I rant some good things have happened. I got my purse^^ It's the one on the list of stuff I want the Chinese Lanterns one. Gift Bag Boutique's links only work for a few days or I'd link to it, I have a coupon code for free shipping until the 31st and I'll share if anyone wants to buy something^^ The have some things on sale(including my purse) http://www.giftbagboutique.com
I got lots of used books at a library book sale^^ and I've generally been feeling well(which is saying something since I tend to be sick)but then something had to ruin it:

I am ENRAGED,PISSED,and LIVID just to name a few!!!! You asses,how could you wait so long to recall the food! Nine of your own test animals died and you still waited 3 weeks before doing anything! How could rat poison even get in the food!! If I even find out which asshole was responsible they will have to stop me from hurting you!!

It's in a friends locked post but my cat Angel died at the beginning of this year. She wasn't feeling well around Christmas(she had arthritis)but our car was broke and we could only get cat food from walmarts and besides the dry I picked up a few cans of Iams for Angel since it has fairly decent ingredients and she took better to wet. I didn't feed her it right away but soon after feeding it to her she started getting very sick and she ended up dying in the vets on January 3rd.
Her bladder literally fell apart once she got to the vet's and he said he had never seen that before. He said it was probably an infection of some kind and she was probably sick for awhile and it wasn't our fault but I blamed myself anyway. I thought I was a bad owner for not noticing she was sick before then but now I'm thinking she wasn't really sick before she ate that food.
The food I fed her was the same kind that's being recalled and if it was bad then the problem goes back a lot farther then they think. I've never sued for anything before and I probably wouldn't do it for anything again but I would in this in a heart beat.
Angel was not a belonging or a thing I LOVED her!! I had her since I was 11 and I thought I would have 5 or 6 more years with her.
I'm a peaceful person and I hate violence but God help the person responsible for this if I even get my hands on them...

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On April 4th, 2007 07:26 am (UTC), divineguardian commented:
On the good note: ^^ Glad you got the purse!

On the bad note: @_@! Do you think it went back that far?! wow....This must be bringing up all sorts of sad memories...I'm so sorry. ^^; I'm sure she knows that you love her, even after she's gone. You did all you could, how could you have known?

Yes, who ever did that should pay!! >:o It's not right! Kaasan protect whoever it is! Every pet owner, Peta person, and consiensious soul will be out to kill them! STAY AWAY FROM WHEAT GLUTEN!! (That's what the lady on TV said.)

**personally, I always thought my cats were weird for not liking iams or Ol' Roy (walmart brand) cat food, but now I'm kinda ...glad? I couldn't imagine loosing one. ...Even Stupid**
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On April 5th, 2007 01:11 pm (UTC), phoenixalone1 replied:
I'm glad I got the purse too^^ Though of course the day before it came I read a health article that said it's unhealthy to carry a big purse (women who carry big purses tend to fill them up so they can sometimes weigh 6 to 10 pounds) That's not much of a problem for me though since I don't carry much around, though of course I've been thinking about putting my CD player in it once I get new headphones for it...^^

I'm not sure I wouldn't be prone to think so if they had admitted to the problem right away and tried to fix it. But they waited 3 weeks after there own test animals died and even now there only saying 15 animals have died but when a website asked owners who's animals have died to come forward they got over 2000 and counting and a website that only vets can post on has gotten over 1000 so far.
Our vet has be in practice for a long time and he never saw what happened to Angel before and she had almost all the symptoms that there reporting. It's most definitely bringing up bad memories @_@ I started sobbing in the car shortly after this started and them saying they would "reimburse" us our losses and to keep food receipts and vet bills was even worse. Angels worth was more than a vet bill and them saying that's all she was worth and just plain not getting it is insulting.
Yes whoever caused this has reason to fear weather they know it or not and I just might help in any attacks if they ever say who's responsible...

Nope no wheat gluten whatsoever. It's ok to be glad, I have two stupids and I wouldn't want anything to happen to them^^

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