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Uni Day!!!

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Tomorrow is uni day on neopets so go say hello to PureHeart41^^:


We didn't really get anything decent for uni day this year:( I might buy some of the grooming items when they go down in price.*likes spoiling her pets*
The two colors that came out where bad too especially disco @_@

Don't ask me why I'm obsessed with this game just back away slowly^^ Especially since everyone I try and be friendly with there either screams "OMG go away NOOB,my painted pets,300 avatars, and millions of neopoints are ALL MINE!!!!"(umm I didn't ask for any of your things I just wanted to make friends and talk @_@)or they think I'm rich and start asking for everything but the kitchen sink(scratch that I had someone try and take a sink I was moving to my other account)
Just because my other pet has a petpet worth 800k(last time I checked might be more now) doesn't mean I'm rich (I'm quite poor by neopets standards especially now)I bought KissesandMistletoe almost 3 years ago for a little under 200k(I was lucky to get her that cheap then)and saved for months to get even that much. No you can't have her,I know she's a avatar item but I didn't buy her for that she's HeartsandHolly's petpet and she's staying with me(sorry ranting...*blushes*)

Say Hi to Holly too so she doesn't feel bad(and stare at the petpet that makes me rich^^):



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On March 3rd, 2007 12:52 am (UTC), divineguardian commented:
0_o;;;; Do I wanna know what's up with the one eyed kitty?

^^ Hi! You have adorable little neopets! <33 ((I should go visit Dora...XD I bet they haven't deactivated my account yet! teehee))

Did you make the pet pages? They are super cute, too.

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On March 3rd, 2007 03:16 am (UTC), phoenixalone1 replied:
*giggle* *snort* The meowclops animation was the closest thing I could find to one of my petpets. I was wondering about his strange half bow thing but I thought it was all in my head^^

Thank you^^ *Holly preens at the complement and PureHeart blinks wonder-ly* You abandoned a neopet shame on you^^ I was wondering how I got a neofriend request from someone who didn't have a account that explains it. Do you think neopets deactivated your account after you went back on it @_@(That makes no sense but neopets makes no sense half the time *only stays because shes very fond of her fake pets*)

Yup^^ I learned most of my html a month or two ago and then I did I redid there pages. Holly's is the same but I separated the text a bit and I gave her a bag of np^^ *Holly hugs the bag of np* I'd like to add a background but neopets has limits about how much html you can use on a petpage. I knew that but I still found out the hard way with PureHearts page(I lost her original intro when I was fiddling with the page,I then screamed, cursed, and jumped around,the intro I have now is close but still^^) I really redid PureHearts page though, it took me a while to find a unpainted and proud banner(or as close to that as you can get,no love for the unpainted pet:( ) And I added the background, brush,and poem to reflect her royalty(don't tell anyone yet though^^)
I don't know enough yet to do there web pages yet I can basically just copy and paste things made by other people @_@

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On March 3rd, 2007 06:19 am (UTC), divineguardian replied:
._.;;;;; .......yyyyeeeeaaaahh.....my little blue shoru...She was soooo awesome!! I also had an aishia? It was cute. I miss Dora...and whatever I named the aishia....and cutiepi, although I technically gave him up for adoption? I don't know why, just wanted to see what would happen.

^^ I thought the pages looked really good. Glad your html training went well!

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On March 3rd, 2007 01:19 pm (UTC), phoenixalone1 replied:
yyyyeeeeaaaahh what?^^ I told you I got weird when neopets was concerned.
*goes to look up the spelling on neopets* Aisha^^ As long as your account wasn't deactivated for you breaking the rules I think you can ask them to reactivate it.
I had a bunch of fanfics planned about my pets at one point(well I still have them planned I just probably won't write them *blushes*) Personality wise PureHeart is eternally naive(she's very smart she just can't see the darker motives in the world or people/neopets)Her angelpuss Angel chose us because she sensed destiny had a hand on PureHeart and knew she would need protecting. She's very old and a lot wiser and smarter than she lets on(and she lets on to a lot) Holly's account was made because I was having problems activating PureHeart's account(I wanted to be able to send things over there)and I always figure she might have problems because of that(hey you knew I was weird when you friended me^^)so she has some issues about whether she's really wanted or not. She's my brat but she's good hearted and is very protective of her sister. Her Meowclops spent most of her time in storage before she was sold to us so like PureHeart she's naive, Angel's quite fond of her though and likes teaching her things(I actually found my story the other day which is about 3/4 done called "I am loved..." which deals with her coming to us told from her point of view)
I had a long story planned which dealt with PureHeart's "royalty" it was going to be narrated by Holly and had severe abuse of the owner in it(i.e. me^^) In the course of the story I almost drown,freeze,and take a zap from Fyora's staff(which stings @_@) just to name a few...I'll tell you the plot if you wanna be bored to death^^
And no I don't have ADD I just thought the icon was appropriate for me blabbing on about neopets^^

Yup I'm quite proud of what I did with the pages. I still have LOTS to learn @_@

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On March 23rd, 2007 05:21 am (UTC), divineguardian replied:
Neopets said that they didn't want ppl to fic it or fanart it...!! ^^;;; but bore me all you want! ^^;;;; as long as it's lj and not email?! **sooooooo bad at email** I PROMISE I'LL LOOK AT THE HP THING YOU SENT ME!!!!!!! eventually.

0_o Who said you had ADD? ....oh-kay?

^^;; "In the hous of our minds there is always room for improvement." Or something.
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